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Bordeaux Wine: The Heart of French Viticulture 

Bordeaux wine is celebrated as the heart of French winemaking. The largest wine-producing region in the country, Bordeaux’s 8,500+ wine producers make over 700 million bottles per year. As such, Bordeaux is home to affordable table wines as well as some of the most exclusive vintages in the world. 

Bordeaux is best known for its red wines, most of which are blends made with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes. Though white Bordeaux wines are becoming popular too. The best-known is the Sauternes variety, which is a sweet blend made primarily from the Sémillion grape.  

The most prestigious Bordeaux wines are classified based on their geographical location within the region. Distinctive classifications include the Graves classification and Saint-Émilion classification, though the most famous are the five châteaux that have earned the distinction of First Growth. These include:

You can buy Bordeaux wine from these First Growth producers and many more by browsing the list above. 

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