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Five Wines to Try This Spring

June 02, 2020

Five Wines to Try This Spring

With cold weather behind us and warmer, sunnier days on the horizon, you may be interested in something lighter and crisper to sip on throughout the spring and summer. The changing of the seasons is the perfect time to try a new wine – and maybe even find your next favorite bottle!

Below, we’ve rounded up five of our favorite varieties for al fresco dining, back porch lounging, and anything else this spring may hold. Let’s take a look!

1. Chablis

When it comes to Chardonnay, oaky, buttery varieties are best suited for the colder weather of fall and winter. Meanwhile, unoaked bottles like Chablis offer a light, refreshing taste that’s perfect for springtime. Perhaps one of the best characteristics of this white wine is its high acidity, which creates a long, tingly finish. This also allows it to serve as an effective palate cleanser.

Chablis is perfect when paired with springtime foods, such as poultry dishes or seafood. In need of some inspiration? Try pairing this Chardonnay variety with clam chowder or lighter meats with delicate, creamy sauces.

2. Grenache Rosé

If you’re looking for a fruity wine to enjoy on a spring afternoon, Grenache is an excellent option. Its ruby-red hue is reminiscent of warm, sunny days, while its notes of ripe strawberries, oranges, and hibiscus create a refreshing flavor profile. While this type of rosé is moderately acidic, it’s best to serve it cold to maintain its zest.

Grenache pairs well with aromatic spices, which makes it a great option to accompany Moroccan, Indian, or Middle Eastern cuisine.

3. Franciacorta

With fresh acidity, clean flavors, and a refreshing fizz, sparkling wine is a great choice for springtime. And while Champagne is the most common option, there are plenty of other fantastic sparkling wines to try. For example, Franciacorta, a varietal from the Lombardi region of Italy, offers the same crisp, bubbly profile as its French counterpart.

This Italian sparkling wine features fruity, floral notes, with hints of citrus and white fruit. It’s excellent when paired with rotisserie chicken, smoked salmon, and green vegetables, such as asparagus and artichokes.

4. Tempranillo

While red wine is often preferred in the winter, there are many varietals that work for the spring and summer, too. Tempranillo, for example, is one of the best spring red wines, offering a fresh, fruity flavor that turns savory over time. This Spanish wine features notes of cherry, dried fig, cedar, tobacco, and dill, making it an ideal choice for cooler spring evenings. And while it is most notable for its impeccable pairing with red meat and ham, Tempranillo is also delicious when enjoyed with pasta, roasted vegetables, and more.

5. Torrontés

Looking to add some global flair to your wine collection? Torrontés is an excellent choice. An aromatic white wine from Argentina, this varietal features aromas of sweet rose petals and flavors of lemon zest and white peaches. It’s best when served chilled and pairs well with spice-heavy foods, such as coconut curry, as well as light-colored meats like poultry or fish.

Expand Your Wine Collection This Spring with Help from Cellaraiders

Spring is the perfect time to add a few new bottles to your cellar and prepare for the warm, relaxing nights ahead. For more information about the best spring wines, contact Cellaraiders today!