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Questions? call 866.909.WINE or email ben@cellaraiders.com

Turn Any Room into a Wine Cellar

November 28, 2018

Turn Any Room into a Wine Cellar

The three essentials you need for long-term wine storage include moderate, steady humidity, consistent, cool temperature, and low light. These requirements are the reason that many people turn their “cellars” into wine cellars. However, even if you don’t have a cellar handy, you can still create your own wine cellar in another room (or closet) of your home. So how do you turn a room into the perfect spot for wine storage? Here are a few guidelines and wine cellar ideas that you can use to create your own in any space in your home. 

Limiting UV Light into the Room 

When you’re choosing a room for your makeshift wine cellar, don’t select an area that has too much light. It’s important to limit the UV light that gets into the room. Do you have a room that has no windows? That’s a perfect choice. 

As you’re lighting the room, you’ll also want to keep electric lights low as well. Make sure you have enough light to see without a problem, but you don’t want so many lights in the room that it warms up your bottles. 

Humidity is a Factor 

Another factor to consider is the humidity in the room. Too much moisture can create mold, but not enough humidity can dry out your corks, leaving bottles of wine susceptible to too much oxygen. While experts recommend a humidity level of between 50 and 80 percent, the ideal level would come in around 70 percent. For average climates, humidity isn’t too difficult to monitor, especially if you have a good humidity alert hygro-thermometer to keep you aware of the temperature and humidity. 

Creating Temperature Consistency 

One of the most significant hazards for storing wine is fluctuations in temperature. Changes in temperature have the ability to impact the bottle’s opening or can change the essential chemistry and flavor of the wine. Choose a room that’s on an inner wall of your home instead of on an exterior wall. This keeps the temperature in the room more stable. 

It’s critical to ensure a consistent temperature in your wine “cellar.” Depending on the climate you live in, this could include cooling the room or gently heating it. For the best results, a temperature of between 50-59 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for your wine. Remember, the cooler your wine is stored, the more interestingly and slower it will develop. 

One method for keeping the room at a consistent temperature is to install your own wine cooling system. You can purchase these systems to maintain ideal temps in the room. However, a wine cooling system isn’t a must if you live in a moderate climate. Simply insulating your room exceptionally well, including the door of the room, can help you keep the temperature and humidity consistent in the room. 

Of course, once you have the light, humidity, and temperature dealt with for the room, you’ll need to think of shelving and racks for your wine. Custom shelving, recycled wooden wine crates, or pre-made wine racks can all offer great ways to keep your wines organized in your new wine storage room. 

If you’re looking for new and different types of wine to stock your new wine room with, visit Cellaraiders today and see what’s being auctioned off. We are sure to have a bottle that will make the perfect addition to your collection.