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Tips for Gifting Collectible Wine

September 26, 2015

Tips for Gifting Collectible Wine

With summer weather here, we're all being invited to a lot of weddings. Want to give a special gift that is out of the ordinary? Consider a gift of a collectible wine, whether purchased online for the happy couple or out of your personal collection. When choosing wine as a gift, keep a few tips in mind:

1. DO share interesting and important tips about the wine and its winery's history.

Jot a quick note on the card or send an email a few days after the wedding to tell the story of the wine you are giving them. A wine's history is part of the pleasure of a collectible wine.

2. DON'T make assumptions about the couple's tastes.

Discreetly ask friends or family members about the newlyweds' preferences when it comes to wines. No matter how valuable the bottle, it can be disappointing to give someone a robust Bordeaux and learn later that they have a strong preference for lighter wines. By finding out what their favorites are, you can pick a bottle of wine that will be most appreciated by them.

3. DO make sure that they have a good way to store the wine.

If you are giving them a collectible wine that is meant to be kept and age, find out if they have a way to store it. If you are giving them several bottles, it may make sense to also make a gift of a wine storage option, either in your own home or with a wine broker, until they are able to put together a good option themselves.

4. DO get creative with your gift.

One fun option is to give a couple a bottle that should be enjoyed on their 10th anniversary. You can also give a case with instructions to open one bottle a year on their anniversary. They'll get a great education in wine as they taste how a vintage develops and changes over the years.

5. DON'T be disappointed if they drink the wine right away instead of aging and storing it.

Even in oenophile circles, there is constant disagreement about whether rare vintages should be stored away to gain more value and character or whether they should be consumed. A gift is just that, a gift. Even if they drink the collectible wine right away, you know that they appreciated your gift and maybe learned a bit about your hobby.