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Gifting Wine: Your Wine Gifting Cheat Sheet

September 26, 2018

Gifting Wine: Your Wine Gifting Cheat Sheet

While a bottle of wine makes a wonderful gift, there’s not a single bottle that fits every person or every occasion. The great news is that you can easily customize the vintage, region, and varietal of a bottle of wine to fit the occasion and individual. Whether you’re trying to find the perfect bottle of wine to say “thank you” or you’re looking for a hostess gift to bring to a dinner party, we’ve put together a wine gifting cheat sheet to help you out.

Hostess Gifts for Dinner Party

Although many people simply grab a bottle of red to bring to a dinner party, a delicious white wine can also be a great choice. Consider going with something a bit esoteric that will get everyone talking. You can go with a well-known grape, such as Chardonnay, but choose something from a lesser-known area.


If you’ve been invited to lunch, going with a bottle of sparkling wine is always a great choice. Another great option is something red and fizzy. A dry Lambrusco goes perfectly with various cured meats you’d eat at brunch, such as sausage and bacon.

Anniversary Wine

Champagne is always a perfect choice if you’re giving it to your significant other or a special couple for their anniversary. However, consider going with something that adds a twist to this romantic choice, such as a rose Champagne. Not only does it taste wonderful, it looks beautiful as well.

Thank You Gift

If you are trying to find the perfect thank you gift for someone like a special coach or teacher, you’ll find that there are many quality sparkling wine choices in a reasonable price range. Sparkling wines from Italy, Tasmania, California, and Spain are all high-quality choices. The great thing – if they really enjoy it, it won’t make their wallet groan to purchase a bottle on their own in the future.

Gifts for New Parents

You may want to choose a bottle of wine that they can open when their child is 18 or 21. To get a bottle that will last for 18-21 years, consider going with a sweet wine. Some great choices include Muscat from Rutherglen, a vintage port, a Quarts de Chaume Chenin Blanc, or even an Auslese. All of these options can age for that amount of time, and if preferred, even longer.

Celebrating a Milestone

It’s exciting to celebrate success after a milestone. Whether it was publishing a book, a big work promotion, or even running a marathon, choose something like a classic, age-worthy red wine from Napa or Bordeaux that celebrates the long journey.

Of course, while you’re finding the perfect wine to give as a gift, don’t forget to treat yourself to something special. You don’t have to wait for a special event to pull out an amazing bottle of wine and enjoy it – every day is a special day and worthy of celebrating with the perfect glass of wine.