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Questions? call 866.909.WINE or email

How to Sell Wine Online

August 04, 2015

How to Sell Wine Online

We Love to Buy Wine

As connoisseurs and aficionados of fine wine, we are always looking to add new additions to our vast wine collection. From Bourdeaux to Brunello and almost everything in between, we would love to welcome your wine into our family. We're the premier place to buy & sell wine online.

The Benefits of Collecting and Selling Wine Online

In today's fluctuating economy, wine is useful not just as stress relief, but also as an investment. After enough time, your investment will ensure your gratitude in deciding to sell wine online.

Wine is a tangible asset, which means that it is much less susceptible to economic fluctuation. Wine is never not in demand.

Other investments may lose value with age; wine, due to its very nature, only gains in value with age. By following recommended guidelines for upkeep and storage, your wine will improve in flavor and market desirability.

When you eventually decide to sell wine online, you'll find your patience is well compensated.

The Selling Process

To sell wine online with a sales process as smooth as your wine, we at Cellaraiders need as much information as possible. We ask that you provide us with the following information about your wine:

  • Vintage status: What year was your wine made, and were the grapes used all grown and harvested in the same year?
  • Title: What's the wine's name, producer, vineyard, whether it's a reserve, and any other details that may affect its value.
  • Quantity: How many bottles or cases of wine are you looking to sell?
  • Size: Is it 750ml? Magnum? Double magnum? And so on.
  • Bottle condition: Consider its ullage (fill levels), possible signs of seepage, any slight marring or damage, label condition, and more.

Based on the preceding information, we'll negotiate a price before selling. After receiving your wine, we'll do an additional on-site evaluation. Unsure about how to judge the ullage, label condition, or other tiny details? Don't worry! You can send us a digital photo, we'll judge it for you, and you'll begin your journey to sell wine online.

Which Bottles Are We Buying?

As cosmopolitan wine enthusiasts, we at Cellaraiders embrace wine from all backgrounds, although we do have a predilection towards wines of California, French, and Italian ancestry. We do consider buying wine from around the world; so feel free to inquire about yours.

Our specific interests are:

Sell Barbaresco Wine Online: Gaja, Prunotto.

Sell Barolo Wine Online: Altare, Clerico, Conterno, Giacosa, Mascarello, Sandrone, Scavino.

Sell Bordeaux Wine Online: Angelus, Ausone, Cheval Blanc, Ducru Beaucaillou, Haut Brion, La Mission Haut Brion, Lafite Rothschild, Lafleur, Lalande, Latour, Leoville Las Cases, L'Evangile, Lynch Bages, Margaux, Montrose, Mouton Rothschild, Palmer, Pavie, Petrus, Pichon.

Sell Brunello Wine Online: Altesino, Antinori, Banfi, Pertimali, Soldera.

Sell Burgundy Wine Online: Chezeaux, Domaine de la Romanee Conti (DRC), Drouhin, Engel, Jadot, Jayer, Leroy, Mortet, Ponsot, Roumier, Rousseau, Vogue.

Sell United States Wine Online: Abreu, Araujo, Aubert, Bryant Family, Buccella, Caymus, Cayuse, Colgin, Dalla Valle, Dominus, Dunn, Harlan, Heitz, Hourglass, Kistler, Marcassin, Martinelli, Monte Bello, Montelena, Pahlmeyer, Phelps Insignia, Peter Michael, Pride, Quilceda Creek, Ridge, Screaming Eagle, Silver Oak, Sine Qua Non, Sloan, Togni.

Don't see your wine on the list? Contact us and we'll discuss your options further.

Selling Your Entire Wine Cellar Online

You can contact us to sell your wine. We make the process quick and painless... and you'll get a fair price for your collection.

Email us your information in a Microsoft EXCEL spreadsheet or, if you lack Excel, use Microsoft WORD with tabs after each category (i.e. Vintage [tab], Wine [tab], Quantity [tab], and so forth).

If you have questions please address all emails to