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Tips for Investing in Vintage Wine

September 22, 2015

Tips for Investing in Vintage Wine

by Printed with permission from Cellaraiders The love affair with wine is timeless. Since the juice of grapes was first fermented and drunk in Mesopotamia 6000 years ago, wine has been one of world's most commonly traded items. Interested in growing your own portfolio by investing in vintage wine? A few tips to get you started:

1. Choose wines that will likely age well.

Different wines are at their best at different ages. A wine that is meant to be enjoyed young is not a great vehicle for an investment. But, one that improves over years and decades can usually be counted on to go up in value.

2. Buy from a reputable wine dealer.

Chances are that you won't find investment quality wines in an aisle at the grocery store. Instead, deal with people who are dedicated to long-term investment, rather than something to drink with dinner on a Saturday night. Buy vintage wine online to get access to wines you may not find locally.

3. Make sure you have the right place to store it.

Wine needs favorable temperatures and humidity in order to age well. Some people choose to store wines in their homes in temperature controlled wine cellars. If you plan to invest in many cases of vintage wine over time, you may wish to look into professional storage. This can help you be sure that your investment is properly cared for and will continue to increase in value over time.

4. Invest in flagship companies.

In general, wines from well-known wineries with proven track records are the safest bets. You can be sure that most of these wines, particularly from great vintages, will continue to appreciate in value over a long period of time.

5. But, be willing to take a chance now and then.

Part of the fun of vintage wine is making a great discovery. When you buy vintage wine online, look for a few unusual offerings from lesser-known wineries. There are some great breakout wines from cult US wineries that include Sine Qua Non, Saxum and Scarecrow that have attracted passionate followings.

6. Pick a wine collecting strategy.

Some people choose to concentrate on a specific region and buy wines from a few producers in that area, adding to their collection each year as new wines become available. Others like to diversify and include a wide variety of wines from all over the world. By picking a strategy when you invest in vintage wine, you can prevent yourself from getting overwhelmed by the wealth of choices.

7. Be prepared to be in for the long haul.

It can take time to assemble a quality collection. And, many wines take five to ten years to begin significantly appreciating in value. To make your investments profitable, you need to be willing to hold on for a few years before you begin selling parts of your collection.

For the passionate collector, wine can be a great investment. Study vintages, take your time to build a good supply and enjoy the knowledge that you've invested in one of the great and timeless arts.