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Moving with Wine – Tips to Keep Your Wine Safe During an Upcoming Relocation

May 23, 2019

Moving with Wine – Tips to Keep Your Wine Safe During an Upcoming Relocation

Whether you’re a casual collector or a full-fledged connoisseur, you’ve probably put quite a bit of effort, money, and time into building your wine collection. It’s a significant investment, so if you’re relocating, you need to plan ahead to ensure you can move your wine with care. There’s a lot more to transporting wine than simply packing bottles into a cardboard box. To help you relocate your collection, we’ve put together a few tips for keeping your wine safe as you relocate. 

Tip #1 – Start with a Wine Appraisal 

It’s important to know the value of your collection, no matter how big it is. This can help you determine the best way to move it, and if you should consider investing in a wine collection insurance policy. If you have an extensive collection, consider having a wine appraiser help you determine its worth. And, at the very least, you should take photos of each bottle you own so you can keep track of them as you move. 

Tip #2 – Talk to Your Moving Company 

Well before moving day, talk to your movers about your wine collection. Some companies won’t deal with anything liquid. For those that do, you’ll probably need to fill out a High-Value Inventory form, as general coverage probably won’t cover your collection. Since most movers aren’t equipped to deal with moving wine, you may need to hire a specialized team to handle the job. 

Tip #3 – Know How to Pack Your Wine 

You can’t just put your bottles in regular packing boxes and go. The best option is to use wine packing boxes that have Styrofoam or cardboard inserts in them. It’s also essential to keep the corks wet, so bottles should be packed either upside down or on their side. Be sure to label the boxes to indicate which side must remain upright and mark them as “fragile” so they aren’t mishandled. 

Tip #4 – Keep Moving Temperature in Mind 

Extreme cold or heat can be detrimental to your wine, so you’ll need to ensure a stable temperature while moving. For a small collection, consider moving wine in your vehicle and using the air conditioner to keep the temperature steady. If you have a larger collection, you may need to have it moved in a climate-controlled van. 

Tip #5 – Find Out About Local Regulations 

If you are moving across the country, it’s important to be aware of regulations in that area. Rules regarding wine transportation can vary from state to state. Some states and counties may have laws that regulate the amount of alcohol that you can transport or bring into the area for your personal use. 

Tip #6 – Allow Your Wine to Rest After Unpacking 

After moving and unpacking your collection, it’s imperative to let it rest. The shaking that can occur during transit can cause “bottle shock,” which impacts the flavor of your wine. For every day of travel, you should allow the wine to rest at least a week before opening it. So, if you spent two days traveling, do not open it for at least 14 days. 


By taking a few precautions during your move, you can maintain the flavor and value of your wine. If you take the time to prepare and plan, you can relocate your entire collection with ease.  


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