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Rapet Pernand Les Vergelesses

October 22, 2015

Rapet Pernand Les Vergelesses

Two Must-Haves for Your Collection

Great Burgundies are the backbone of many wine collections. There are two that we think would make excellent additions to your cellar: the 2002 Rapet Pernand Les Vergelesses and Rapet Pernand Vergelesses Ile de Vergelesses.

These both come from the Pernand-Vergelesses vineyard, which is at the foot of the Corton Hill. It is the only area that produces equal numbers of red and white wines. An interesting collection could be made just on the wines of this region. The name "Pernand" can be traced back to either the Gallic words "stream" and "valley" combined with the Latin "petra," which means "stone" or the Gallic word for "four." And so, the area is often called the village of four valleys.

The Rapet estate was established in 1765. There are 20 hectares of vines at the villages of Pernand, which include Savigny les Beaune, Alox Corton and Vegelesses. This wide range of grapes and the family's long experience allow this vineyard to offer not just reds and whites but also a wide range of vintages.

The parcel where the Rapet Pernand Vergelesses Ile de Vergelesses is grown has been planted for over 50 years. The grapes are grown on a gentle slope in soil that is compose of limestone and rich in iron. There is just enough drainage to prevent the grapes from getting too wet, resulting in luscious, richly watered fruit. The wine is subtle in flavor and loved for its smooth character. It is perfect for cellaring, developing body over ten years or more. When you decide it is time to serve, pour it at 15 degrees Celsius (59 degrees Fahrenheit). It is great served with coq au vin, duck fricassee, veal saute or beef tenderloin.

The Rapet Pernand Les Vergelesses starts with ripe grapes, fruity in flavor and rich in tannins. Grapes are loaded with a conveyer belt to avoid bruising. After crushing, the grape ferment with the skins to ensure that the resulting wine has a rich ruby color. After, the wine is aged in a combination of aged and new barrels. The wine is racked using bellows. These efforts, together, mean a minimum of handling, leading to a richer wine. The Rapet Pernand Les Vergelesses boasts fresh red and black current tastes with notes of undergrowth. The wine can be served as young as three years but gets better with aging. It's a great foil for lamb, veal, duck, beef tenderloin or a selection of fruits and cheeses.