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Top Summer Wines to Buy Online in 2017

June 19, 2017

Top Summer Wines to Buy Online in 2017

Outdoor gatherings with family and friends are an excellent time to share fine summer wines in your collection. If you are looking to buy wine online to add to your wine collection, these two picks are both refreshing and refined for summer sipping in 2017:

2014 Décima Mencía - (Amandi - Ribeira Sacra)

Décima Mencía comes from one of the top wine makers in the Ribeira Sacra region of Amandi, Spain. José Manuel Rodríguez, a respected winemaker and the D.O. president, owns the Décima winery. This summer wine is a full-bodied, complex masterpiece with notes of sweet berries, pomegranate, espresso, tree bark, cassis, and woodsmoke. The wine is perfectly balanced on the palate with modest tannins and a lush finish. With its bright red color and abundance of ripe fruit within, it is the perfect summer wine to pair with a rack of lamb or freshly grilled steak.

2014 Cividade Godello (White) – (Amandi - Ribeira Sacra)

The Cividade Godello is a light and crisp Spanish white wine that is sure to be a favorite at formal and casual gatherings alike. It also comes from the renowned region of Ribeira Sacra in Amandi, Spain. The Godello grape is grown throughout Spain and Portugal and is recognizable by its small, closely packed berries. It ripens earlier than other varieties, making it a bit sweeter, yet with just the right amount of tartness. This summer wine will be savored no matter what you serve it with, but due to its flinty, green notes, it is especially delicious with any kind of seafood, including lobster, crab, and shellfish.

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