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Questions? call 866.909.WINE or email ben@cellaraiders.com

Tips for the Novice Vintage Wine Collector

August 04, 2015

Tips for the Novice Vintage Wine Collector

Collecting fine wines can be an exciting hobby. When you buy vintage wines online, find local hidden treasures and age wines in your own cellar, you can develop an admirable collection over time. But, getting started can be a little intimidating. A few tips to help you on your way:

1. Figure out storage first.

Making sure that you have ample space and the right sort of space is key. Are you planning to buy wines that need to cellar for years? Is your collection purely for your own consumption, or would you like to sell wines in the future? Wines that are meant to age for years or even decades need higher end refrigeration units. However, if you are focusing on wines that can be enjoyed at younger ages, you can get away with a basement room and a basic wine cooler. As a rule of thumb, decide how many bottles you would like to have on hand. Then, pick a space that will fit triple that amount so that you can take advantage of surprise finds when shopping for vintage wine online or locally.

2. Budget- Buy Vintage Wine Online.

It can be easy to get carried away with rare or unusual vintages. Decide up front how much you wish to invest in your hobby each year to avoid buyer's remorse down the line. There are many excellent deals in the $25-35 range. Being disciplined regarding what you spend per bottle can go a long way toward developing a wonderful collection over a period of time.

3. Visit some tasting rooms.

Tastings can help you develop your palate and decide which wines you love the best. They are a great way to always be expanding your knowledge of fine wine. Plus, they give you an opportunity to buy based on your own taste findings; you may find that scores and other people's tasting notes do not necessarily align with what you will personally enjoy.

4. Buy favorites by the case when you can.

When you purchase an entire case of wine, it gives you an opportunity to sample the wine over the span of its life. This will allow you to capture early fruitier notes and later mellowness. Buying by the case can also often save some money per bottle. Often, some of the best opportunities will come when you buy vintage wine online.

5. Buy what you like.

It's easy to fall into preconceived notions of what should be in a wine collections. When you buy vintage wines online, peruse the categories that you enjoy the most. Don't feel that you need to buy Old World reds if you find that you are most passionate about New World offerings from Chile, Australia and California. As your collection grows, it should be a reflection of your unique and personal tastes.

Whether you visit vineyards around the country and the world or buy vintage wine online, with some knowledge and focus on what you want, you can develop a collection that will bring you joy for years