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Wine Collecting

August 04, 2015

Wine Collecting

It can be gratifying to accumulate objects that other people can’t have or afford. Collectors have the desire to buy up the last of something, or keep rare items in their possession. But why would someone collect bottles of wine? It seems they could not fully enjoy (drink) their collection without losing pieces of it! Still, wine collecting is a popular hobby for many. How these collections start varies by person, but some of the most common reasons are unveiled below.

For the Love of a Taste

Some wine collectors attribute their bottle amassing to the liquid inside. “I had the most delicious bottle of red last year, I just had to buy a case to share with my girlfriends” said Margaret Ames of Cheshire, CT, “and I put 4 bottles in my cellar to drink later. I just loved it so much!” Finding an ideal ‘taste’ or style of wine and preserving that taste for the future is a reason for wine collecting.

When wine is made it is unlike any other: Not every harvest tastes exactly the same. When a collector finds the perfect bottle, they have to hold onto it, buy more of it and make sure they always have it. Like Margaret, they want to share the taste with family and friends, and have some stored for the future. Connecting to a flavor of wine can be the factor that propels someone into wine collecting.

Time Period or Event

Many collectors are enticed by wine harvested during an important time period or celestial event. To them, enjoying a wine that was harvested, say, during a lunar eclipse or a famous political episode, is the utmost indulgence. For example, if a collector owned a bottle of wine that was from Marilyn Monroe’s home during her lifetime, the bottle would be considered a piece of history. The collector would be proud to have it in his or her possession. The rare story behind a particular bottle is significant, and is another reason who someone would collect wine.


The experiences associated with the drinking wine could make the collector feel nostalgic for a particular bottle. For example, a potential wine collector drank a bottle of 2000 Belgrave Haut Medoc when their significant other proposed. Now this person wants to have that same bottle for every anniversary to come. He or she would have to buy a couple cases and keep them safe in the wine cellar- thus the collector is born.


The artwork wrapping some wine bottles is absolutely beautiful. They may show a gorgeous siren, a simple, unique design, a beautifully painted mural or other meaningful images. Labels on the bottle can be very alluring! Wine collectors may love the design of a bottle so much they purchase cases of it to give as gifts or keep for themselves. Some may never intend on drinking the bottle- instead intending to display the bottle on a shelf in their home. Wine bottles can be beautiful artwork pieces, and can cost just as much as a painting!

Investing and Profit

Wine collecting can easily transform into investing. Wine is said to get better with age, so a $10 bottle purchased today could be worth a lot more 20 years later. Just think, if someone offered you a glass of wine from a 100 year old bottle- it probably wouldn’t matter that it was the ‘cheap’ wine in its’ day. And though it may not seem like a big deal now, a future collector may be willing to pay a great amount for wine bottled during our President’s term in office. A small 10 dollar investment could create an avid wine collector.

As a wine gets rarer the instinct to stock up gets stronger. Collectors ask, “What if I can’t find another bottle?” “What if I want that particular bottle for my promotion?” or, “What if price doubles in the next 5 years?” Whatever you reason for collecting, is a trusted source for rare and vintage wines.


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